Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing; How both can Improve your Business

Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing; How both can Improve your Business

Science fiction movies have played an important role in the popularization and development of artificial intelligence to the extent that it is commonplace in our daily lives. Most of us interact with artificial intelligence in one way or another on a daily basis. The modern term of artificial intelligence came into existence in 1956. Yet, it took several decades of work to make significant progress in this field; now, artificial intelligence is a technological reality that no one can deny.

The HPC Center at KAU has well-understood the importance of using AI in modern businesses. We guide many types of businesses in taking the right steps to deploy end-to-end HPC Solutions alongside adopting AI technologies for greater business impacts. By accommodating advanced AI applications that utilizing machine learning, data mining, computer vision, and deep learning algorithms to build systems for most of the commonly used libraries and software packages in these areas, which are able to drive innovation, as well as integrating with current workloads and technology segments. Learn more Artificial Intelligence services in HPCC

Artificial intelligence has a wide range of uses and great benefits for your business. It already has an effect on virtually every business process in almost every industry. It became imperative for businesses that want to maintain a competitive edge.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a broad and general term that refers to types of advanced software, which engage in humanlike activities, including business planning, learning, and solving problems. In other words, AI is the way in which we can program machines or computers to carry out some tasks or respond to queries with human intelligence. This can happen by taking a huge amount of data and setting certain algorithm rules for the problem-solving process modeled on human neural networks. Therefore, artificial intelligence can provide human-like responses.

How can AI help your Business?

Most of the mega-corporations such as Google or Apple have invested millions of dollars in developing AI systems and pushing it into mainstream society. Meanwhile, many small businesses start to go the same way to help their companies be more efficient and improve their bottom line. In fact, Forbes predicts that at least 50% of small businesses will be using AI by the end of 2020. AI is already being used in some small businesses around the world through many applications such as an automated time and attendance systems.

Reasons Why Corporations Prefer Artificial Intelligence than Humans

There are many obvious reasons why modern corporations prefer AI compared to humans. Artificial intelligence can make many processes faster and more accurate than humans.  Artificial intelligence works around the clock with the most consistent results. Below we will show you the top ways in which AI can help grow your business.

How AI can help in Developing Different Types of Business

1-            E-commerce: Personalized Experience

Approximately 85% of e-commerce customers’ interactions can be handled without humans! Phone calls, chats, e-mails, and social media comments can be efficiently handled by AI automated systems. Recently, AI has managed to change the face of e-commerce in multiple ways; it rapidly identifies the patterns and clusters in the customer purchase behavior, past credit checks, and various other common threads. By analyzing huge amounts of customers’ transactions every day, AI can help in targeting offers to each individual or segment of customers, thereby providing them a well-personalized experience and better results.


2-      Aviation: Real-time Assistance

You may notice that some of the major international airlines struggle to keep up with the logistics and their customers' interactions, as they interact with millions of people every day across the real-time markets and social media! Here comes the role of AI and chatbots, which can be used for better communication with customers and update them about the flight schedules, by providing personal notifications just on time.

3-    Business: Accurate Insights from Cloud Databases

Artificial Intelligence has a great role in developing your businesses; it helps in mining for unique "gems" hidden in your datasets, by quickly and efficiently processing these billions of data points. The good news is, AI is not static, and it can quickly learn and adapt new techniques.


4-    Consumer Communications: Chat-based Solutions

AI chatbots can be used for creating a chat-based business solution for consumer communications. For example, Clickatell Touch uses Touch-card technology to combine bot-driven interactions and online chat with workflow automation. Moreover, Al technologies also empower the automation of any business, which marks the new-age business revolution. It started from working robots in factories to automated hotel booking solutions; the theme remains constant with a few differences to cater to the business needs.

5-    Anticipate Outcome and Streamline Sales Efforts

AI systems have a great power to capture signals, which are often missed by human sales executives. For example, if an AI-integrated customer support tool predicts customer view based on their recent interaction, then the company can use this piece of information to build stronger customer relationships and reduce churn. Therefore, by anticipating outcomes, companies will know what to focus on and what to give less attention to.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in KSA

 It is hard to say how exactly Artificial Intelligence will be used in the future! And to expect the applications that will be possible over the next decade, but AI and deep learning are highly expected to eliminate tedious day-to-day business tasks. If you are planning to apply advanced AI technology to your business, then the first step would be to figure out the opportunities and identify long and short-term business strategies, before appropriately implementing this solution to reap its benefits. Therefore, the HPCC team has a highly critical role herein with the diverse and ample expertise they have in these areas which will enable them to offer different consultation services to clients’ requirements. Learn more about Aziz Supercomputer and its services in KSA.