What Businesses Ought To Know About Aziz Supercomputer?

What Businesses Ought To Know About Aziz Supercomputer?

With the dawn of the data-driven economy nowadays, businesses in different verticals tend to invest in new technologies to handle the overflowing of data and optimize their infrastructures and business models.

Such a task seems to be impossible with typical computers.

How can they resolve one of the heavyweight challenges in the IT sphere?

Here comes in the role of supercomputers!

Supercomputers are machines with big computing features used to solve complex industrial problems faced in the realm of high-level engineering, finance, science and research-intensive tasks.

What Can They Do?

       Supercomputers are used in applications that require trailblazing mathematical calculations.

       They are implemented in large-scale simulations within several industries like medicine, nuclear energy, automotive design and much more.

       With the powerful capabilities of processing more than one quadrillion instructions in a single second and super-duper speed rates, they can impact real-life day-to-day experiences.


How can this be applied?

       A scientist will progressively utilize big data to better understand the world.

       A business professional will be more into data-driven strategies to better understand their customers.

       A researcher will make use of big data for more efficient insights turned into actions paving the way for decision makers to be on the right track.

So, would they be the next big thing in the world of business?

With the arising challenges faced, the answer is yes!


We have done ourselves proud since inception in June 2015 that Aziz Supercomputer, with state-of-the-art capabilities, is managed by HPC Center in King Abdul Aziz University with one goal in mind; to give researchers, individuals, professionals, enterprises, and academics the scalable performance needed, so they can deploy different architectures to boldly tackle their computationally intensive problems.

Aziz Supercomputer Essential Characteristics

1.   Globally Distinguished

Ranked at the Top 500 Supercomputers List.

2.   Second Fastest Supercomputer

In the MENA region.

3.   Tremendous Computation Power

With 496 computing nodes equipped with about 12,000 Intel® CPU cores.

4.   Heterogeneous Architecture

With 2 nodes equipped with NVIDIA Tesla K20® GPUs

And another 2 nodes equipped with Intel® Xeon-Phi Accelerators

5.   Pre-installed Software Packages

Highly customizable and can be employed in different areas of specialties.

What’s in HPCC for Businesses?

Top-notch value-added services in the following fields:

1.     Big data Analytics

2.     Data Storage Solutions

3.     Simulation and Modeling

4.     AI Solutions

And these services will help clients:

       Drive more efficient discoveries and breakthroughs.

       Reduce cost, time and labor needed to create new products in the market.

       Take result-oriented decisions that boost their ROI and competitiveness enabling industrial innovation.

Where Can These Services Be Applied To?

While HPC is a tool that can help address critical challenges the world is facing, KAU’s HPCC has the vision to go beyond the academic and scientific landscape helping wider areas of businesses capture the immense benefits of high-performance computing.

  1. Healthcare
  2. Aerospace
  3. Online Banking
  4. Retail
  5. Telecommunication
  6. Weather Forecasting
  7. Nuclear Energy
  8. Climate
  9. Petroleum Exploration
  10. Transportation
  11. Smart Cities
  12. And more!

How Can We Help You From Our Side?

Should you work in one of these verticals and:

       Need more exposition about our services,

       Seek to control your operations,

       Or have an idea that you think we can innovate for you.

Get started by reaching to us via our website to future-proof your business:


And let’s supercompute your IT universe today!