Big Data Analytics Service at HPCC

Big Data Analytics Service at HPCC

It has become imperative for many organizations to process and analyze massive volumes of data due to continuing information booming. Thanks to the advent of High Performance Computers, such data-intensive computing requirements can be effectively handled. The additional feature of system software provides a distributed file storage system, online query capability, job execution environment, parallel programming development tools, and parallel application processing.

The platform is designed to be a solution to data-intensive computing requirements, providing an integrated, easy-to-implement and use, commercially-available, high-performance computing environment.

The components of the platform include a heavily-optimized, powerful high-level, data-centric declarative language for parallel data processing. The platform is particularly unique thanks to its flexibility, power, speed of development, advanced capabilities, ease of use, and maturity.

Some of the advantages of HPCC particularly as it relates to data analytics are highlighted below:

-         A highly integrated system environment.

-         A steady and consistent processing environment with an extensive history in production applications for different enterprises and companies.

-         The ability to come up with a data-centric programming language.

-         An optimized cluster approach that helps to reduce system cost, while providing a high performance compared to other system alternatives.

-         Built-in innovative capabilities.

-         A high-level of fault resilience and capabilities, reducing the need to re-process in case of a system failure.

-         Suitability for a wide range of data-intensive applications such as data warehouses, network security analysis, and high volume online applications.

Big Data Analytics Service is one of the most common solutions offered by HPCC. Therefore, it is not surprising that most organizations that work with a big volume of data are increasingly seeking HPCC services.

You can benefit by Big Data Analytics Services that suit your business type and size from the High Performance Computing Center at King Abdul Aziz University, here: