HPC Applications in Various Sectors

HPC Applications in Various Sectors

It is no news that High performance computing has been an immense contributor to scientific innovation, industrial and economic competitiveness. It has also contributed enormously to national and regional security, and the overall quality of human life. The important role of High performance computing since it was introduced to the public has been reiterated in recent years, with some of the top presidents of powerful nations including the United States, Russia, and top officials in Asia and Europe making this clear.

Most of the data-intensive jobs in the public and private sectors including government, academic and industrial sectors have the involvement of modeling and simulation of complex physical and quasi-physical systems.

The systems used in HPC range from product designs for cars, golf clubs, planes, and pharmaceutical, to global weather and climate patterns, subatomic particles, and the cosmos. However, one of the most important aspects of HPC jobs from the onset of the concept has involved big data, with attempts on uncovering beneficial information and patterns in the data.

One of the industries that have particularly benefitted from this service is the financial services industry, with the industry adopting supercomputers as far as back as the eighties. With large investment banks hiring particle physicists from Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Santa Fe Institute for employing HPC systems for daunting analytics tasks, it did not take much time for other big companies to embrace the use of supercomputers for analyzing big data.

Practically every sector of the economy including educational institutions has currently embraced high-power computing systems one way or another to make their processes more efficient.

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