HPC - The Enabler of Smart Cities

HPC - The Enabler of Smart Cities

The discussion about the concept of smart cities seems to be growing by the day, with new investments and governments supporting the concept. This has made the concept closer to reality that most people actually thought. With the population of the world increasing exponentially, it is becoming more imperative to take more drastic and somewhat revolutionary actions, which is what the concept of smart cities aims to achieve. Cities across the globe are already getting smarter, using technology to manage the services offered to people and how their citizens interact.

However, with the concept of smart cities hugely dependent on data and the processing and analysis of data, High Performance Computing (HPC) has somehow found its way into the subject of discussion. This is not surprising, considering that smart cities use big data from devices and powerful analytics tools to ensure that traffic flows, the public is safe, and pollution is reduced to the barest minimum. Other aims of the concept are to ensure the maintenance of public assets and improvement in the services delivered by the cities.

Therefore, the role of HPC in building smart cities cannot be overemphasized, helping to ensure that resources are used efficiently and a better quality of life is achieved. Below are highlights of how HPC can be of help in building smart communities.

·        Cities are integrated systems that require analysis individually and as a whole. Consequently, investments are required in the area of High Performance Computing to analyze data across all of the city services if the initiative of a smart city is to be achieved.

·        The emphasis being placed on machine learning by cities require high performance computing for effective data analytics.

All in all, one can safely say that HPC is the future enabler of smart cities, enabling smart and connected communities to effectively plan for their infrastructure.

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