Why Telecommunication Companies should Consider Supercomputers

Why Telecommunication Companies should Consider Supercomputers

Supercomputers play an essential role in promoting an array of scientific fields, addressing many challenging problems, and enhancing the process of social and economic development. Over the past decades, scientists have put great efforts into improving High-Performance Computers and increase its role in our daily-life enhancement. Development of supercomputing systems has extra parallel applications in various fields, along with related software and hardware technologies, the thing that significantly helped advance today’s technological innovation and social development.

Supercomputers are meant to cater to the modern requirements of multi-disciplinary and multi-domain applications, as well as, to meet the new challenges related to architecture, system software, and other technologies. It is addressed to help develop the next-generations throughout these multi-functions supercomputing systems.

Nowadays, business entities and telecom companies are struggling to manage the large and complex amounts of data sets, in addition to the particular number of parallel tasks in the light of machine and deep learning opportunities. Thanks to the increasing HPC workloads and the well-accelerated infrastructure that enable companies to own their data without limitations. At Aziz Supercomputer Center, we got your back by making your data ready for AI, qualifying quick discoveries and bringing business analytics to the landscape. Learn more about Cloud Supercomputing Services at HPCC

Supercomputers’ Benefits for Telecommunication Companies

Supercomputers - also known as HPC – have been utilized in a wide range of modern industries including, academic research, modern sciences, big data storage and analytics, artificial intelligence, weather forecasting, financial services, and many more uses. The mutual thing about these different industries is that they all have a need to process and store massive amounts of data in no time.

High-performance computers are capable of processing up to 100 quadrillion calculations per second. Moreover, financial institutions now use supercomputers for transactions and fraud detection. Also, life-science companies use it to analyze and store their mega datasets for drug discovery.  

It’s the same with telecommunication entities; they have experimented with big data analytics services! Supercomputers have unparalleled powers to deal with the massive changes in telecom networks and their advanced services that come from 5G networks. For example, current mobile networks can deliver some connectivity to moving vehicles. Supercomputers are required to create fully-functional services that have a massive impact on the current telecom networks.

In addition to that, supercomputing capabilities are needed to detect potential hazards as well as to avoid collisions just in real time. In a nutshell, in a world with millions of connected devices, very complex processing is definitely needed in order to set a more organized world. Therefore, advanced supercomputing and sophisticated artificial intelligence services are desperately required.

The World’s Fastest Supercomputers

In the USA and China, supercomputers are already able to deliver 122 quadrillion FLOPS and 93 quadrillion FLOPS calculation speeds respectively at the demonstration level! This dominates these devices to be the fastest supercomputers in the world. Commercialized supercomputing systems are also unleashing significant possibilities for many enterprises and different industries, as products from supercomputing vendors such as “NEC” are capable of a peak performance of a 2.45 TeraFLOPS and a 1.20 TB/s peak memory bandwidth.

In KSA also, you can find that Aziz supercomputer managed to provide incredible speed with advanced supercomputing systems that cope with the world’s modern standards.  Aziz Supercomputer contains about 496 computing nodes equipped with about 12,000 Intel® CPU cores. In addition, 2 nodes equipped with NVIDIA Tesla K20® GPUs and another 2 nodes equipped with Intel® Xeon-Phi accelerators. This heterogeneous architecture of Aziz can help researchers, individuals, enterprises, and the academic community to implement their own programs and systems that can handle the computationally intensive problems with different architectures.

Moreover, it has some of the pre-installed software packages that can be utilized in different domains, such as chemistry, physics, rendering graphics, computer vision, civil and mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, image processing, big data analytics, climate research, deep learning and many more.

Supercomputing Systems; Telecommunications Services

No doubt that telecom companies have experimented with big data analytics services, yet supercomputing systems have not been fully embraced by this sector! Telecom companies have not heavily adopted supercomputing systems, yet the increasing amounts of network connections, along with the large increase in data consumed and generation of the mega database, all these help to create a real need for advanced supercomputing systems to be able to process, analyze, and store such big data. High-performance Computers have made significant progress in the last few years in terms of telecom computing capability, the outstanding ability to interact with unlimited cloud, and hence is becoming a more attractive option for telecom companies to consider.

Cloud Supercomputing – Aziz Supercomputer

Whether you need the power of computing, look for database storage, worry about networking and content delivery, or even look for any other functionality, HPCC has a team of experts who are striving to simplify the journey with maximizing flexibility, scalability, and productivity.

Running High-performance computers in the cloud enables practical scaling to larger numbers of parallel tasks, so you can control your infrastructure, applications, data, and machine learning capabilities keeping them in a highly controlled and secured environment. That way, you could be able to enhance products and services, and power prosperity for your clients around the world. Inquire about Cloud Supercomputing at HPCC