High Performance Computing in the Oil & Gas Industry

High Performance Computing in the Oil & Gas Industry

The world is increasingly witnessing the ability of supercomputers to process big data and perform complex calculations at unprecedented speeds! These machines - that cost hundreds of millions of dollars – have become a critical business need for many enterprises, sectors, and countries.

With the rise of big data, the need to speed up the processing is increased; in order to extract insights from big data and escalate customer demands for real-time services. Supercomputers are becoming relevant to a wide range of mainstream businesses. Moreover, the use of HPC is no longer related to high costs and esoteric skill sets, but only it could be related to the user's imagination.

Aziz supercomputer is one of the distinguished HPC systems in the world according to TOP500 supercomputer site; it is the second fastest supercomputer in the MENA region at a university level.

Aziz supercomputer has been developed in collaboration with Fujitsu Ltd; it contains 496 computing nodes equipped with about 12,000 Intel® CPU cores. In addition, 2 nodes equipped with NVIDIA Tesla K20® GPUs and another 2 nodes equipped with Intel® Xeon-Phi accelerators. The Aziz supercomputers can help researchers, individuals, enterprises, and the academic community to implement their own programs and systems that can handle the computationally intensive problems with different levels.

How OIL & GAS Industry Benefits from Supercomputers

To get an accurate identification and associate cost of setting operations in the oil and gas industry, you need to use precise, smart, sequential, and very fast tools. That would help in getting more operational efficiency and flexibility.

Supercomputers play a vital role for the benefit of the oil and gas segment; it determines the suitable and best location to dig well, which will lead to better yield involving a lower budget. HPC can process huge amounts of data on every node.

Generally, new oil fields are located in the more geologically complex areas that traditional data processing techniques cannot work in such environments. Hence, the need for more complex advanced methods is deployed. Here comes the role of HPC; apart from processing the mega amount of data, supercomputers offer data volume of one simulation to be accessible by another. Therefore, HPC will provide highly efficient and parallel systems to squeeze in maximum performance from the hardware to suit in the software.

Oil and gas industry can also benefit from the “Reservoir Simulation” technology that is supported by supercomputers. It is the process where more information related to a particular field is accurately analyzed to recognize how the maximum can be extracted.

The Uses of Supercomputers in Oil & Gas Industry



1.  Upstream Geological Insights
Supercomputers help to detect and accelerate deeper geological insights; hence improve the exploration and production processes. This will definitely yield more productive oil extraction, as well as automate time-consuming processes, in addition to achieving results with greater accuracy. Supercomputers also help in reduce drilling hazards, which improve productivity and efficiency.


2.     Midstream Pipeline
HPC systems provide the required tools to help midstream pipeline operators to increase operational efficiency and compliance in many phases such as gas transportation, pipeline integrity management, and workforce management.


3.     Improve Cost and Operational Efficiencies
Supercomputers provide advanced tools to help refineries, petroleum operators, gas retailers, and other downstream oil and gas entities improving cost and operational efficiencies and improve profitability. For example, Trading Optimization technique, in which oil companies can optimize trading and risks analysis via HPC.


4.     More Data Processing and Sensors Connected
HPC allows oil companies to improve operational efficiencies by connecting sensors at scale, which used in predictive maintenance of pumps in the oilfield and in retail gas stations. Therefore, with the power of high-performance computing systems, oil and gas companies can quickly process and visualize the increasing amount of data to generate accurate insights, thus improve profitability and competitive differentiation.

In the Oil and Gas industry, Supercomputers provide a significant ROI in many elements including, reservoir simulation, seismic analysis, visualization, and related fields. Petroleum Engineers and Data Scientists will be able to produce more via using HPC systems for maximum effect. HPC systems are used extensively to maximize the efficiency of reservoir operations as well as to reduce risk in identifying new wells. It works on collecting big data that will be analyzed and simulated to maximize efficiency as different O&G organizations leverage their competitive advantages.


Consultation & Customized Services at Aziz Supercomputer


HPC Center – Aziz Supercomputer offers a wide range of consultation and customized services to clients in various industries including oil and gas field. This ensures that you get solutions that particularly address the peculiar needs of your business or institution. This is so as we understand that it is not always a case of one size fits all.

Our offered services include: Research Data Center, which is a state-of-the-art facility designed to host large computer clusters, cluster computer, performance modeling, parallel file systems, visualization, and scientific software development.

The consultation and customized services at Aziz Supercomputer are carefully designed to provide clients with solutions that are specifically tailored to meet their needs. Learn more about our customized services.